Mozambique is a member of SADC and among various guidelines, in the field of transport; all members are guided by the SADC Protocol with regard to the areas of Transport, Communications and Meteorology.

In the railway sector there is an association of railway companies called Association of Railway Companies of Southern Africa (SARA), whose main objective is to promote the commercial interests of the Railways in the region.

CFM is also a member of MCLI (Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative), an organization consisting of Infrastructure investors, Service Providers and other stakeholders in Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland who are interested in promoting and developing Maputo Development Corridor.

Similarly, as a member of the CPLP, CFM is also a member of the Association of the Port of Portuguese Speaking Countries – APLOP which, like SARA, aims at ensuring the protection and promotion of the interests of its membership and contribute to the development and modernization of its ports.



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