The legislative decree Nr. 315, of August, 1931, approved the creation and organization of the Directorate of the Ports and Railways of the Colony of Mozambique, which in a way established the directive and administrative unification of the Railways. This Directorate was guided in harmony with the principles of commercial economy.
The Ports and Railways Services of the Colony of Mozambique constituted an industrial company of the colonial state, who were incumbent among others, on the following functions:

  • Promote and carry out the study and construction of the Ports and Railways, and the establishment of any other means of transport, in connection with railway operations; - Explore Commercially and industrially the Ports and Railways;

The Administration of the Ports and Railways Services of the Colony was under the authority of a Governor General, and was carried by the following organizations:

  • Board of Directors;
  • Audit Board;
  • Directorate of the Ports and Railways Services on all networks;
  • Departments or inspections of the operation on their networks; - Department of studies and construction.

In 1930, at the initiative of the Mozambique Railways Company, the Automotive Trucking Service was created. The existence of this fast, safe and efficient transportation service was crucial for agricultural development and trade promotion, bringing from inland to railway stations the products intended to supply the local markets and the export by sea, successfully replacing the rail transportation when traffic was not enough to warrant it.

The Directorate for Air Transport Operation (DETA), established in 1936, was also a Department of the Mozambique Railways Company, having been the first airline company established in this country to undertake regular routes in the national space and to the neighbouring countries.
Facing many difficulties, since there were no aircrafts or pilots, nor any experience in the management of air transport, the Mozambique Railways Company set up a well-grounded company, with long tradition of good service. DETA was abolished in 1983, giving way to the establishment of the Mozambique Airlines (LAM) in its place.