contentores-portoCFM has today a new organizational and functional structure that emphasizes horizontality, mobility and multidisciplinary of its functions as well as improving the quality of management of the company. The new organizational structure of the CFM involves, apart from statutory bodies – Board of Directors and Auditing Board - three regional Executive Directorates, namely: CFM- Southern, CFM-Central CFM-Northern; seven Directorate functions; five support Offices to the Board of Directors; General Secretariat of the Board of Directors, Commercial Representations Abroad; Technical Units and Brigades for Construction or Rehabilitation of Infrastructure. This new organizational and functional structure gives priority to improving the quality of company management. It is lighter, more agile, with access and availability of Information and communication Technologies (ICT) applied to the management, this fact positively contributes to the achievement of our business plan.

In the context of restructuring, CFM has profoundly changed its mission and its programmatic goals. Following the concession of the port business and the railway business, in Central and Northern Systems, CFM sole duty is the operation of fuel, Terminals (in all ports) and cereals and aluminium Terminals (in Maputo Port), as well as the Southern Railways System, composed of the following railway lines: Ressano Garcia, Limpopo, Goma and Salamanga branch-line, that by decision of the Government on the recommendation of CFM shall not be subject to concession. 

CFM continues to be a company with concerns of public nature and strong institutional component, without endangering its primary business and profitability of its assets.