Since the early 90s the Government and CFM are allowing private sector participation in the management of specific Terminals of port business.
In 1998, CFM set the new mission that among various aspects highlights the involvement of the Private Sector – domestic and foreign – in the operation and development of railways and port system, via concessions.

In this way, CFM has investments in 22 companies, including 15 of the railway and port sector and the remaining subdivided by tourism, hiring of railway equipment, road infrastructure and building materials businesses.
In this sense, for fulfilment of the mission related to the involvement of private sector in concessions for the operation of railway and port business, criteria and principles of partnership, in particular, which involve the following:

  •  Internationally acknowledged experience, with know-how and total mastery of specific Technologies in the transport, logistics and distribution sector;
  •  Solid financial capacity that is able to create critical mass and continue to inject capital or mobilize them from external sources to continue the investment program;
  •  Willingness to guarantee the involvement of the national business;
  •  Ability to induce high returns on past and future investments, i.e., selected partners should add value to the value the CFM already holds or held.



Northern Development Corridor

Concessionaire for exploitation and management of the Northern Railway and Port of Nacala.

Nacala Corridor Logisticsa

Concessionaire for constructions, operation, management, rehabilitation, maintenance and commercial operation of Nacala-à-velha branch-line as well as port infrastructure of Nacala Coal Terminal and Moatize-Malawi railway.

Ports of Cabo Delgado

Concessionaire for construction, operation and exploration of specific oil and gas terminals at the ports of Pemba and Palma ports.


Cornelder de Moçambique

Its mission is the operation and management of general cargo and containers terminals and multipurpose at port of Beira.

Cornelder Quelimane

Concessionaire for development, operation and management of the Port of Quelimane.

Thai Moçambique Logística

Concessionaire for construction and operation of the Port of Macuse.

New Coal Terminal Beira

For construction  and operation the Coal Terminal at port of Beira (Quay 13).


Maputo Port Development Company

Concessionaire for Development and Operation of Port of Maputo.


  • DPWM - Dubai Ports World Maputo (operation of the containers terminal)
  • STAM – Maputo Sugar Terminal Company (operation of sugar terminal); 
  • TCM – Matola Coal Terminal (operation of Matola Coal Terminal).
  • Automobile Terminal;
  • Molasses Terminal
  • Citrus Terminal
  • Granite Terminal
  • Scrap Terminal
  • Bulk Liquids Terminal

Cabotage Terminal of Maputo

Concessionaire responsible for the management and development of the Maputo Cabotage Terminal.

Bela Vista Holding

Concessionaire for the construction and operation of the Port of Techobanine