Mensagem do PCAFirstly, I would like, on behalf of all employees of The company Ports and Railways of Mozambique (CFM), and on my own behalf, to welcome all our partners both in the public and private sector, nationally and internationally, as well as the general public to CFM website, a space that we hope will enable more and better interaction within our business and social relationships.

Dear Partners,
Our performance is supported by the Strategy for Integrated Development of the Transport System defined by the Government, through Resolution No. 37/2009 of 30 June.
Our main challenge is to find transport and logistics solutions that meet the tremendous demand of our domestic market and the Southern region, where our country is the main entry and exit to the countries of the Hinterland.
The profound transformation that we have been going through, resulting from the need of reconfiguration of our activities in rail and port sphere, widens even more the challenge facing us, and accrues our corporate responsibility towards transporting people and goods.
At all events, we believe that we are able to “strive for” a greater presence in the global marketplace, partly for the excellent human capital we have, and partly for the effort we have been making towards the development of management skills of this capital at various levels, from operational to strategic.
Our vision is to impose ourselves as a viable and extremely competitive company, and the best logistical option, acting as a lever for socio-economic development of the country and the Southern African region, because we have undeniable comparative advantages.
To this effect, I can assure that we have a financially stable and sustainable corporate structure to engage in large-scale investment projects in the country, in order to meet the demands of the business market. Moreover, we are directly or indirectly involved in the execution of medium and long term projects, in addition to investing in short-term actions, which aim at increasing our capacity for intervention in the field of transport and logistics.

To mention just a few examples: (i) in the South, we have started the renovation and improvement of major works of art in the Maputo Corridor, in addition to increasing the capacity of Ressano Garcia Line, in an integrated project produced in collaboration with the MPDC- Maputo Port Development Company. In our portfolio, we are involved in a partnership with BVH- Bela Vista Holdings, in a study for the design of a deepwater port in Techobanine, in addition to the construction of railway infra-structures which will ensure the export of coal and various forms of cargoes from countries such as Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe (ii) in the Central region, we are developing a project to increase the capacity of the Sena line, the Beira Corridor, in order to shift from the current 6.5 million tons a year to 20 million tons per year, ensuring the transportation of part of the volume of coal exploited in Moatize, besides other cargoes. (iii) In partnership with Vale Mozambique, we are involved in a project for construction and rehabilitation of the railway line connecting Moatize to Nacala-a-Velha, in an extension of 912 Km. This line will allow the transportation of 18 million tons of coal per year in addition to 4 million tons of general cargo. (iv) in the North, in Nacala Corridor, we are involved in the rehabilitation and modernization of its port which will give it greater capacity for handling general cargo.(v) yet in the North of the country, we are in partnership with ENH- National Hydrocarbons Company (in the project of development of the new Port of Palma which may have a capacity of 50 MTPY, and of the new logistics base in Pemba, for the operations of Hydrocarbons.
These projects, among others in the portfolio, represent a great potential for the growth of the companies you worthily represent, for economic development of the country and the region, and with immense human and social impact as a form of generating employment, income and well being.

Valued Partners,
In conclusion, I would like to assure you that, on our side, we will continue to do whatever is expected from us, trying to find the best solutions to the challenges you face. We are well aware that our sector, due to its strategic importance, is one of the main driving forces of real and sustainable growth and development of Mozambique.
Please, accept my best wishes for many successes in THE companies you represent and I would like to thank you, on behalf of the Company Ports and Railways of Mozambique, for the confidence you still place on us.

Eng. Miguel José Matabel
Chairman of the Board of Directors.